• Phoenix_Urbane

    Phoenix And the Valley of the Sun Where Arizona Desert Meets Metro

    Welcome to Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun, a fitting name for this part of the Sonoran Desert where 80 degrees is a chilly day. It seems like just

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    New York City As Seen By San Franciscans

            We have seen a lot of maps these days trying to label New York in San Francisco terms, and San Francisco in New York terms, but

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  • UCLA_900px

    UCLA: Bruin Territory Uncovered by Urbane

    You! See! El! Ay! Surrounded by luxurious Los Angeles, this campus is the bastion for all things anti-USC, but also boasts good looks and reputation even as it overflows in

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  • Yale_900px

    Urbane Studies Yale University

    We continue our academic research and take a look at the Yale campus, one of the greatest bastions of intelligence, elitism, and secret societies. Despite its prestige, Yale and nearby

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