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Are you trying to understand a new city, but ordinary street maps aren’t helping? The Urbane team creates maps that replace place names (ex., Beverly Hills) with locally crowd-sourced adjectives (ex., rich and famous) in fun and informative ways so that you can empower yourself to find the next neighborhood to relocate or explore.

Presenting – The Urbane Team


Back in March 2013, an urban planner, a food critic, and a real estate broker got together in San Francisco to create Urbane. We have combined our different interests and expertise for one unified purpose: to create maps that characterize physical places by social connotations. Currently we’re participating in The Downtown Project, a $350 million investment focused on rebuilding community in downtown Las Vegas. We believe we are doing our part by triggering community discussions on neighborhood identity: how do residents see their own neighborhood, and how does it contrast with visitors’ perspectives and viewpoints?


Individual Team Bios

bio_kevinKevin Chung, CEO (@1commuter):
Kevin is a 2011 graduate in Urban & Regional Studies from Cornell University’s School of Architecture, where maps were a daily part of academic life. He became fascinated by urban identity – the attachments that people feel to the cities that they live (or don’t live) in – after realizing in his travels how images strongly impact the way he was choosing where to stay, where to visit, or where to live throughout the world. He hopes that Urbane will bring knowledge that is normally reserved for long-term residents to people who are newly-relocated or visiting a new area.

Kevin blogs about the topic of urban identity on his website, www.kevinchung.org.
Check out his Medium post, “What Makes You a Local of Your City?”

bio_trevorTrevor Felch, Chief of Content (@TrevorFelch):
Trevor is a seasoned food and wine writer who has a lifelong passion for pairing good food and good company. He is inspired by local terroirs and cuisines – two important ways that make up how people and visitors define their sense of place. His global travels has inspired him to visit some of the world’s most fascinating restaurants, such as Noma in Copenhagen and The French Laundry in California’s Napa Valley. With a B.A. in French, and as an actor, and sports and news television broadcaster, Trevor often mentions Molière theatre, kaiseki cuisine, and the Red Sox in the same sentence.

In addition to Urbane, Trevor blogs about food on his own website, Trev’s Bistro.

jared bioJared Feldman, CFO:
Jared Feldman is a 2009 Graduate of Cornell’s School of Arts and Sciences with a B.A. in Economics. He is a modern day Renaissance Man, always looking to broaden his horizons in new emerging markets and industries. Urbane was the right fit for him due to his background and experience in understanding the development patterns of urban communities, and how perceptions can strongly impact the way ordinary individuals make their choices for where they want to live.

Jared is currently a licensed real estate broker under the State of California (BRE #01915119) and also coaches softball and basketball teams in Marin County, a place where he calls home.

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    I love this! You guys should do San Diego next! 😀

    • UrbaneMaps

      Also on our list! Feel free to send us some suggestions if you have them!

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    This is a brilliant idea!

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    You so need to do Phoenix!

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      Absolutely – we need help from citizens like you to make that happen! Feel free to e-mail us with your initial ideas.

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    do chicago!!