London: Mapping The UK Capital

We’re living the London Dream—or as we were told about Islington, the leftie dream. What a town, what a capital, what a country. To outsiders, London is opulent and overwhelming from Big Ben to Tower Bridge to Buckingham Palace with several gaps to mind in between. Then again, it’s a frustrating city to those (including the founders of Urbane) who have multiple times attempted to watch the Changing of the Guard and had the rain cancel it. Is it a daily thing?

London is a chic city. It’s a changing city. It’s a diverse city. It’s a truly special city that is unlike any other. And yet there is so much that is new or unknown. Shoreditch is now the hipster paradise after years of neglect. Harrod’s is as vast as ever…but St. John and the Spitalfields Meat Market are the focus for eating and food shopping. O.k., the West End still is the place for a show. All the world remains a stage, especially in Southwark. And Notting Hill is still Hugh Grant territory. But where do goths and Gilgamesh co-exist? Does the city really now have more gastropubs than pubs?

Whether arriving on Eurostar via the most beautiful railway station (anywhere?) or Heathrow Express, hop on the tube or a double decker bus or ride a bike with Mayor Johnson, and enjoy the wonders of London. It’s calling louder than ever.

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  • Brandon R.

    That is Tower Bridge…not London Bridge

    • UrbaneMaps

      Thanks for the insight. We are mocking the very nature of how so many people misunderstand that bridge.

      From Tower Bridge’s Wiki article…
      “A popular urban legend is that in 1968, Robert McCulloch, the purchaser of the old London Bridge that was later shipped to Lake Havasu City, Arizona, believed that he was in fact buying Tower Bridge. This was denied by McCulloch himself and has been debunked by Ivan Luckin, the vendor of the bridge.”

      • Brandon R.


  • Mm

    This is honestly one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.