San Francisco – A City of Neighborhood Variety


This compact, 7×7 mile square-ish city is host to so many different kinds of personalities. It embodies what we think of San Francisco – a place where everyone can find something that fits their niche, whether they’re a gay bear, a yuppie, a businessman, and a hippie who still feels like it’s the 1970s. We’ve hammered out the social complexities that is the City by the Bay. And don’t even get us started with Bay Area superlatives – the list certainly goes on!

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  • odypoly

    It’s Karl with a K.

  • robotsrule

    Don’t advertise that 24 hour Starbucks!

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  • Ilana G

    What’s with the “Somehow”s?

  • Beki McElvain

    But it’s downhill to get to Sausalito.