Stanford, From The Dish to The Oval: Mapping The Future Nobel Prize Winners on The Farm

Stanford_University_Poster 900px

“The Ivy League of the West?” You’re terribly mistaken. The Ivy League is absolutely “The Stanford of the East” without the 300 days of sunshine, the now annual trips to the Rose Bowl, and the Full Moon Kiss: a ritual truly unlike any other at any rival school.
Back in 1885, Leland Stanford probably had no idea what his former farm would turn into (though you can still watch the equestrian activities out by Campus Drive and Junipero Serra). The University is on the forefront of seemingly every academic discipline, changing the world one experiment and lecture at a time. The arts aren’t forgotten here, just pay a visit to the Rodin Sculpture Garden, the spectacular new Bing Concert Hall, and the incomparable grandeur of Palm Drive leading to MemChu.

Being surrounded by Palo Alto, San Francisco, and the rest of the Bay Area, Stanford is in a unique position that isn’t like being in a major city but also far from a rural college setting (though the groves around Stanford Stadium sure feel like the Outback). Can student afford to eat and drink on University Ave.? Eh, not regularly. Can you or anybody for that matter afford to live in Palo Alto? Heck no. Or at least until your start-up gets that major Sand Hill Road v.c. funding, which being a Stanford alum is pretty likely.

This is the Farm that breeds Nobel Prize winners. This is the Farm with a lake that is always dry and an Enchanted Broccoli Forest. This is the home of the best damn band in the land that doesn’t need to play in traditional formations or wear clothes for that matter.

No matter what, remember to Beat Cal (well, that’s not very hard these days). And study. This is Stanford. You better play hard but you’re not working hard enough if you’re not spending at least 2 nights a week sleeping in Green or Meyer.

Shall we meet at Tresidder Fountain, then toss the frisbee at the Oval? Absolutely, it’s another perfect day on the Farm. Go Card!

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